5 Ways to Get Relief after a Disc Herniation

Injuries to the vertebral disc (the cushioning between the bones in our spine) are a common spinal injury in adults above 30 years old. In fact, it is estimated that up to 40% of adults, ages 30-50, could have injuries to their vertebral disc and have absolutely no symptoms.

A disc injury (often referred to as a herniation, protrusion or bulge) can happen after an injury, or develop by improper motion of the spine. These types of injuries can cause back pain and even numbness, tingling and weakness in our extremities.

In our clinic in Providence, Utah we are frequently helping people with disc injuries and have seen people receive relief by following a simple protocol.

Below are a few tips that have helped many of our patients get relief.

1. McKenzie Exercises

This series of stretches was developed by a physical therapist in New Zealand after working with patients that experienced chronic back pain. The method that he developed focus on the extension of the spine, which can provide relief when you are recovering from a disc herniation. Click Here for more information on the McKenzie Method.

2. Supplements

The chances for injury to the intervertebral discs increase when the discs begin to lose hydration and nutrition. Because of this, nutritional supplements can help to strengthen the disc and provide them with the nutrition that they need. We recommend finding a supplement that includes Omega 3, chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). Click Here for a link to the same supplements we recommend to our patients.

3. Chiropractic Care

Many disc herniations happen when the disc has already become weak or are put through too much stress. To keep your discs healthy, you need to reduce the stress you put them through. Chiropractic adjustments help to keep the vertebra from shifting and becoming weak. Once the discs have become damaged, or start to degenerate (shrink), chiropractic adjustments can be useful in helping to get them healthy again.

4. Disc Unloader Belt

One of the quickest ways to get relief following a disc injury, is to use a lumbar support belt that is designed to reduce the load placed on the injured disc. When selecting a belt, look for features such as lumbar spine inserts and hot/cold pack pockets that help to target the source of pain.

5. Spinal Decompression

When the discs in your spine are damaged they often pinch the nerves. This can cause pain, tingling, numbness, weakness or other symptoms.

These damaged spinal discs seldom heal because they remain under constant pressure from gravity, even while a person is at rest. DRX9000 Decompression is designed to reduce pressure inside the discs by gently separating or distracting the injured spinal segments.

Under distraction, pressure on the disc is relieved; thus allowing fluids, nutrients and oxygen to flow back into disc. This nutrient exchange helps the body’s natural rebuilding process and can accelerate the repair and eventually heal damaged spinal discs.

Find Relief without Surgery at Murdock Family Chiropractic

In out clinic in Providence, Utah we see many patients in various stages of disc injury and not one path is always right for those in pain. Because of this we have developed a program designed to help rehabilitate the injured discs and restore function and quality of life, without surgery. This unique program, called the Spine Restore Protocol, incorporates all of the options discussed in this article and more.

If you are suffering from a disc injury and are currently experiencing numbness, tingling, weakness and/or pain as a result, I would like to personally invite you to our office for a complimentary consultation, where I can answer all of your questions. There is no sales pitch and absolutely no obligation to commit to care. It is simply an opportunity for you to be heard and have all of your questions answered.

Click Here to contact our office and schedule your complimentary consultation!

Be well,

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